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“Scott saved my ass…

As the CEO of Leadership Surge, Scott has been a tremendous asset and catalyst in achieving exponential growth in my business. He is super knowledgeable and helped my team focus our efforts on identifying and capturing our ideal clientele. Scott was with us every step of the way in creating and marketing our first funnel. Scott even provided insight on specific wording to use to make our conversion ratio more effective! This first funnel brought in $48,000 within the first week of launching it. Scott and his team are an absolute joy to work with, and I can’t express how thankful I am for their assistance.”

Alex Willis

Entrepreneur, Leadership Surge


Customer Value Optimization, How it Grows Success

Customer Value Optimization (also known as CVO) is a system based on increasing the lifetime value of your customers. It’s a very versatile and easy to understand system that has been used by large companies and corporations (like Amazon and McDonalds), local...

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Understanding the Customer Value Journey

People regularly think that as soon as you make the sale, you have made success. Maybe in a two-dimensional world, but in reality, selling your goods and services is just one small part of a major sequence. If you stop at the first sale and do nothing else, you not...

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Creating Conversion Funnels for Successful Businesses

For most business people, when you say the word funnel, they think of that orange plastic thing people use to put oil into their car. For others (like digital marketers), the word funnel is a misunderstood and underused term for sales and marketing strategizing....

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